Difference Between FBI and CIA


Although FBI (Federal Bureau Investigation) and CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) that are among the top intelligence agencies handle almost the same type of threats but the level of these threats vary according to their responsibilities. The CIA performs globalized actions while FBI is usually considered as Homeland Security. FBI has a great impact on America’s interior policy and CIA affects foreign policies of the U.S. Both organizations are well equipped with smart and sharp staff and latest the technology of the world.

FBI (Federal Bureau Investigation)

Federal Bureau investigation (FBI) is among the most renowned federal intelligence agencies. Hollywood conspirational movies and seasons, especially Prison Break, have done a great job to recognize this agency all over the world. FBI is an agency that belongs to the Department of the Justice of the U.S. which deals in federal criminative investigation body and also does the home work of Internal Intelligence agency. FBI’s starting name was BOU (Bureau of Investigation) that was constituted in 1898. The FBI’s major goal is to defend U.S. against the terrorist threats, to govern law and enforcement and also to protect its citizens from thieves and manslayers. FBI is not limited to domestic level activities but also performs international activities by cooperating with other country’s internal agencies in complicated cases.

CIA (Central Intelligence Agency)

CIA is the number one secret intelligence agency that not only makes great contribution to the U.S. foreign policy but also has a deep effect on the foreign policies of each country worldwide. The examples include evidently Afghanistan and IRAQ. It’s a civilian intelligence agency of the U.S. government which provides intelligence and security reports of the whole planet to the U.S. policy makers department which can also be counted as a part of Central Agency. The CIA was established in 1947 through National Security Act of the U.S. government of that time. Its actions came on the front page during World War two when it worked with the U.S. military force.

Difference between FBI and CIA

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and Central Intelligence Agency are both intelligence agencies but their responsibilities cover different areas of the same branches and also share clandestine information between them. FBI usually engages in domestic intelligence services and sustaining law and enforcement situations at very best level. The CIA takes good care of international tasks protecting U.S. against the international terrorism, caused by previous U.S. policies. If the CIA is thought to be an outside protective layer of the body then FBI can be regarded as an agency that increases body’s homeostatic ability to assure its health. The main difference between the two organizations is the way they operate. The CIA prefigures its actions by doing a lot of homework but the FBI usually attends the recently happened event. Furthermore CIA completes its task from behind the curtain while FBI seems involved directly in its tasks


Both the CIA and the FBI are top intelligence agencies that are serving U.S. nation very well but they have different focuses. If one has an eagle eye on the international incidents then the other has a great coverage of homeland security.