Difference Between Federal and State Prison

Federal vs State Prison

In US, the system of prisons is comprised of both federal as well as state prisons. The Federal Bureau of Prison is referred to as BOP and is under the Department of Justice in the country. There are 11 federal prisons that are centrally administered. There are dozens of state penitentiaries or prisons inside the country that have thousands of criminals incarcerated. Of late there has been a hot debate about the differences between federal prisons and state prisons, as many feel that federal prisons are cushy and more comfortable while state prisons are more dangerous. Let us take a closer look.

Federal Prisons

Federal prisons are made to house those people who violate federal laws. Federal prison system was established under President Hoover in 1930 when the federal government started to build federal incarceration facilities. The federal system of prisons was needed with a rise in crimes that violated federal laws. The prisons in the federal system operate according to different security levels such as low, medium, or high security. Most of the inmates found in federal prisons are drug peddlers and political prisoners. Those committing bank robberies and white collar crimes are also sent to federal prisons.

State Prisons

State prisons are maintained and looked after by state authorities. Most of the criminals are sent into state prisons that include all the murderers, rapists, and other criminals guilty of gun related offenses. Though one is likely to see similar kinds of criminals in state and federal prisons, federal prisons are used more for political offenders and white collar criminals than state prisons. State prisons containing violent criminals are considered to be unsafe by many people, and the level of security in state prisons is also considered lower than in federal prisons.

What is the difference between Federal and State Prison?

• State prisons are higher in number than federal prisons.

• Federal prisons have higher levels of security than state prisons.

• Federal prisons are used more for white collar criminals and political offenders while hard core criminals get to serve in state prisons.

• State prisons are considered unsafe as they house a higher number of violent criminals.