Difference Between Feelings and Emotions

Feelings vs Emotions

Feelings and Emotions are two words that are often confused due to the close similarity in their connotations. Actually, there is difference between the meanings of the two words.

Feelings are mental transformations that result due to conducive or unfavorable conditions. Feelings can be suppressed whereas, emotions cannot be easily suppressed. Feelings are not easily shown on the face. On the other hand, emotions are easily shown on the face.

Emotions are the results of different kinds of happenings that we hear or perceive. Feelings are inexplicable in character whereas, emotions are explicable in character. For example, if somebody close to us dies, then we may express our emotions so that the people around us are conscious of the mental transformations that took place in us.

On the contrary, if you experience some kind of unearthly joy then there arises a kind of feeling in your mind that cannot be easily explained at all. The people around you also will not be in a position to notice the feeling that took place in you. This is the main difference between feelings and emotions.

Health suffers a lot, if emotions are suppressed. On the other hand, your health does not suffer in case you try to suppress your feelings. As a matter of fact, the feeling of anger and distress are suppressed for the good of the society. Imagine if you cannot suppress your feelings of anger and distress!

Emotions on the other hand if suppressed pour out one day. We see a number of instances wherein, persons that controlled their emotions lose their cool one day and pour all the suppressed emotions out suddenly. Feelings are common in each one of us whereas, emotions differ from person to person according to a psychological study. These are the differences between feelings and emotions.