Difference Between Fender and Squier

Fender vs Squier

Fender and Squier are two of the very popular guitars available in the market. Both guitars are really high quality making it difficult for the music lovers to choose between the two. This article attempts to clarify the doubts from the minds of people who are planning to purchase a new guitar.


Fender is a company making musical instruments and is known as Fender musical Instruments Company. It is called just Fender by music lovers. Most of the instruments made by Fender are stringed and include guitars, Stratocasters and telecasters. The company was founded by Leo Fender in 1946, in California. Leo was the person who created many electric basses. The solid body Hawaiian guitars made by Fender have always been popular and used by musicians in creating music in all genres.


Squier was the name of a string making company of the US which was taken over by Fender in 1965. The name was not used for quite some time but, in 1982, Fender introduced Fender Squier guitars that were low priced and based upon the designs of its earlier Stratocasters and telecasters while in earlier years Fender avoided making low priced guitars. This was done in the face of pressure from several Japanese companies making inexpensive guitars. To survive and grow, Fender even shifted base to Japan to take advantage of its low cost of production and lower labor costs. While Squier was introduced in 1982 as a model from Fender, it soon became very popular and carved a niche for itself to become a strong brand name that is being produced by the parent company Fender in newer markets like Korea and China. Squiers are also being made in US with those having a prefix E signifying they were made in 1980’s and prefix N implying they were made in 1990’s.


What is the difference between Fender and Squier?

• Fender guitars are made only in the US while Squier guitars are made by Fender in many countries apart from US.

• Fender acquired the string making company Squier in 1965 but introduced Fender Squier as late as 1982 in the shape of cheaper guitars to compete against Japanese guitars that were inexpensive

• Squiers are lighter in build than Fender guitars and may have some problems of sustain

• However, unless you are a professional it is hard to tell the difference in sound of a Fender and a Squier.


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    Good answer but I notice an awful lot of really cheap Squier guitars that I suppose would be a buyer beware case.