Difference Between Fine art and Illustration

Fine art vs Illustration

Fine art and Illustration are two terms that are often used as interchangeable. Fine art is a creative piece of art made by an artist, a painter or a sculptor and is exhibited in an art show for sale. Pieces of fine art are usually kept in art gallery attached to a museum. Many such museums are seen in the countries of Europe. They are called art museums.

Illustration is different from gallery art in the sense that it refers to works of art that appeals to the human eye like drawings and paintings commissioned for reproduction in print or other media.

Any piece of art created for a magazine’s front cover or a movie poster for that matter is looked upon as an illustration. Drawings that appear in the children’s magazines, family magazines and newspapers are all called illustrations. This is the main difference between illustration and fine art.

Fine art and illustration differ from each other in terms of the purpose of their creation. Fine art is not created with a motive of getting it printed. On the other hand the very purpose of illustration is to get it printed.

Fine art is commercial in purpose and is divided into drawing, painting, water-color painting and sculpture too. Illustration on the other hand is supportive in purpose and is not commercial in sense. Illustration supports a short story narrated in a magazine or a person or a character depicted in an essay or in a write-up in a magazine or a journal.

An illustrator has to be very innovative and he has to move very closely with the story or the essay. He should clearly understand the situation of the story that needs depiction in the form of an illustration. Some of the illustrators have become world-famous.