Difference Between Fixtures and Fittings

Fixtures vs Fittings

Fittings and fixtures is a phrase heard commonly in real estate where homes and other properties are sold with or without fittings and fixtures. However, there is no set or universal definition of fixtures and fittings making it confusing for people when they are buying or selling a property. Different people include different items in these two categories, and it is better to specify or ask for clarifications as you are not sure what constitutes fittings and what makes up fixtures. Despite being categorized under a single phrase fittings and fixtures, there are differences between fittings and fixtures that will be talked about in this article.

If one looks up at internet, he finds that fittings and fixtures are objects or items that cannot be easily taken away as they can cause damage to the structure. This implies that wardrobes and other such items can be easily categorized as fittings and fixtures. However, differentiating between fittings and fixtures becomes necessary to expedite the sale and purchase of properties as sometimes these considerations take much more time than legal issues.

What are Fixtures?

As the name implies, fixtures are items that are secured to the walls or the ceilings of buildings with the help of bolts and with cement or concrete having been used to attach them to the structure. Fixture word in itself connotes objects that are fixed to the structure. Unless stated otherwise, fixtures remain a part of the property to be sold by the vendor, and the buyer can expect to take possession of these items when he buys the property. Kitchen sink, wardrobes, bathroom units, cupboards, etc. are labelled as fixtures as they cannot be easily taken away and are secured to the structure with concrete or bolts.

What are Fittings?

Fittings are items that are not attached by way of bolts or plaster, but are rather freestanding in a property and can be comparatively more easily removed than fixtures. If a buyer has been impressed by these fittings, he can very well expect to forget them as these fittings are not considered part of the property being sold and are taken away by the seller. This means that curtain poles, mirrors, paintings, showpieces hung on the wall, carpets, etc. are fittings.


Fittings vs Fixtures

• It is a fact that it is these fixtures and fittings that add to the value of the property, and it makes sense to have knowledge of what one would get hold of when buying a property.

• Fixtures are items that are fitted to the structure using bolts or concrete and cannot be easily taken away.

• Fittings are items that are freestanding and can be easily removed from the property without causing damage to the structure.

• Fixtures remain with the property and the buyer can expect to have their possession whereas fittings are taken away and do not remain a part of the property.