Difference Between Flier and Flyer

Flier vs Flyer

There are many pairs of words in English that have the same pronunciation and almost same spelling. These pairs of words can create much confusion for all those who are trying to learn the language. One such pair of words is flyer and flier both of which are pronounced in the same manner, but have different meanings. Let us take a closer look.

What is Flyer?

A flyer is a handbill that is used for the promotion of a business or for passing information about an upcoming event. This is a small sheet of paper over which is printed information to let people know about a product or service in a bid to market it. This is an inexpensive form of advertisement and yet effective as it generates sales for a business and increases attendance at a local event.

What is Flier?

Flier is a spelling that is also used for the same handbill called a flyer. However, in US, flier is mostly used for someone or something that flies. So an aviator is a person who flies.

What is the difference between Flyer and Flier?

• Both the spellings flyer and flier are used to indicate a handbill or a means of advertisement or marketing.

• In US, a flier is also an aviator, a person who flies an aircraft.

• Frequent flier program is used by credit card companies to reward those who buy tickets of flights using the cards.

• Use flyer for a handbill and flier for an aviator when in US.

• Both flyer and flier can be used to indicate a leaflet or a handbill without worrying about a mistake