Difference Between Flirting and Being Nice

Flirting vs Being Nice

It is important for a man or woman to know when a member of the opposite sex is just being nice or is flirting with them. This is because mistaking someone who is being nice to you as being flirtatious can have serious repercussions for you. On the other hand, you could disappoint someone who is flirting with you to have your attraction if you think he or she is ju st being nice to you. How do you tell if a person is being nice or is really flirting? Let us take a closer look at the tell-tale signs of flirting and being nice.

What is Being nice?

Being nice means being courteous to a member of the opposite sex , especially one who happens to be of similar age. When you are not interested romantically and still have a desire to be friendly with a member of the opposite sex, your body language, your eyes, and the content of your conversation is a little formal and you do not want to grab the attention of the person in an obtrusive manner. You are not inclined to do silly things to be noticed by a girl when being nice is all that is on your mind. A woman knows it when a man is trying to corner her attention in a romantic manner and when he is just being polite with his body language. Making a girl feel comfortable in one’s company and behaving in a friendly manner, never crossing the line of decency is what makes up being nice. If a man is accommodating and thoughtful about a woman even in a crowded situation, he is still being nice to her.

What is Flirting?

It is really surprising, but most men and women are not even aware of the fact that they are romantically interested in a person and they behave in a flirtatious manner that is obvious to all others present. Flirting is when you want to let the girl know that there could be a relationship more than just friendship. This is like giving green signal to a girl without waiting to see if she is really interested in you. Intimacy in a romantic manner is the first and most obvious sign of flirting. Once again, keep an eye on the body language, the voice, tone, and mannerisms of a man when he is alone with you as these could be the tell-tale signs of flirting.


Being Nice vs Flirting

There is a very thin dividing line between being nice and flirting and many times people are offended or disappointed because they make errors of judgment when facing such situations. Some people are really being nice when they are mistaken as flirting while some people feel peeved that their flirting is mistaken as their being nice to a person of the opposite sex. There are also cultural differences with some behaviours labelled as flirting while some are universally accepted as classifying as being nice. However, body language, cracking sexual jokes and trying physical contact are certainly flirting.