Difference Between Flower and Blossom

Flower vs Blossom

The word blossom, which literally means flower as in cherry blossom or plum blossom, confuses many, as they cannot understand why it is blossom for the flowers of some trees while flower is the word for reproductive part of all flowering plants. Blossom is a word that is also used in verb form as when someone describes a tree as producing flowers. For a native speaker, it is easy to understand the differences but, for someone whose first language is not English, the two words are enough to confuse and make it difficult to decide on the right word in a context. This article attempts to remove all these doubts by highlighting the differences between flower and blossom.


Flowers are basically reproductive parts of all flowering plants. They are colorful and very attractive to human beings. Some flowers are full of aroma that can be experienced from a distance. Seeds and fruits of a tree develop from flowers of that tree. Reproduction of plants is the main purpose of flowers. However, mankind has traditionally made use of flowers for romance, decoration and religious purposes. Some flowers also have medicinal properties while some others have nutritional values. Since plants cannot move from one place to another, insects, birds and animals work as vectors carrying pollen of flowers to another flower for reproduction to take place.

Flowers have been associated with humankind since time immemorial and some flowers have come to represent attributes of human beings. While rose has become a symbol of love and passion, people carry poppies for condolence purposes. Daisy flowers are a symbol of innocence. Flowers, being reproductive in nature, have been depicted as female genitalia by many artists in different cultures. Flowers are perfect as gifts and presents on virtually every occasion.


Blossom is a term usually used for the flowers of fruit bearing trees such as plum, apple, cherry, pear etc. These are trees that flourish or blossom in spring. The word blossom is sometimes used to refer to first signs of flower coming out of a bed. ‘To blossom’ is therefore ‘to grow’ or ‘to flourish.’ Blossoms of trees (fruit trees) are mostly pink though there are also white blossoms. One can see the petals of flowers of blossom tress under these trees as they have a tendency to lose flower petals. This is one feature that distinguishes blossom trees from other flowering plants or trees.


What is the difference between Flower and Blossom?

• Flowers are reproductive parts of a plant. Blossoms are also flowers though they are flowers of fruit trees that flourish in spring.

• The most common examples of blossoms are cherry blossoms and plum blossoms. Most blossoms are pink in color though there are also white blossoms (almond blossoms).

• Flowers are found in many different colors and shapes.

• Blossom is a word also used as a verb where it means flourishing or flowering.


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