Difference Between Flyer and Pamphlet

Flyer vs Pamphlet

There are many inexpensive ways to advertise or market a product or to announce an upcoming event. You must have often received a single sheet of paper from an unknown person in the market who also gives the same paper to all others who happen to pass by him. This is a form of marketing that is effective in a small region and the piece of paper so distributed is called a flyer or flier. There is another word called pamphlet that confuses many. This is because there are many similarities between a flyer and a pamphlet. However, there are subtle differences between a flyer and a pamphlet that will be highlighted in this article to enable readers to know which one they have in their hand.

What is a Flyer?

If you have subscribed to a newspaper, you must have occasionally received a pink or yellow sheet of paper inside the newspaper that is usually an advertisement about a new shop that has opened in your area or an offer or information about a coaching institute and so on. This sheet of paper has information printed over it and is an inexpensive manner to market a product, service or event. A flyer is cheap paper and even the printing is also inexpensive with the size of the sheet being A4 or 8 ½ X11 inches. There are many ways to distribute the flyer such as by asking a person to stand on a busy cross-section and give them randomly to all those who pass by. A flyer is a throw away hoping that at least a few of those who read it will pay attention to the matter printed on it.

What is a Pamphlet?

Pamphlet is a booklet made of a single sheet of paper folded a few times to give it the look of a book though it remains unbound. It has no cover and contains printed text and images to give as much as possible information about a product or service. It could be about a disease and distributed in the interest of common people. A pamphlet could be stapled after folding the sheet of paper into halves, one fourths or thirds to give it the appearance of a small booklet. There are many types of businesses making use of pamphlets and it is seen that even instruction manuals of electronic gadgets and appliances are being presented in the form of pamphlets these days. Tourism guides, cultural events with detailed schedules, product descriptions, etc. are best illustrated using pamphlets.

What is the difference between Flyer and Pamphlet?

• A flyer is a single sheet of paper without any folding whereas a pamphlet is a sheet of paper folded several times.

• A pamphlet is in the shape of a booklet as it could be stapled at one end.

• Both are used to market a product though pamphlets are increasingly being used as instruction manuals and tourist guides besides as corporate events and product descriptions.

• A pamphlet has more information than a flyer.


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