Difference Between Following and Followers

Key Difference – Following vs Followers

If you are a student of English language, the title of this article might be puzzling. This is because you know that someone who follows is the follower and trying to find a difference between following and follower is a silly idea. However, if you are on a social networking site like Twitter, Instagram, or Pine interest it becomes necessary for you to know the difference between following and follower.

What is Following?

If you have a profile on Twitter, you are either following someone or you are being followed by others. Following many people on Twitter means you get updates on whatever these people tweet. You are said to be following these people. In general, following is an act and it is a verb. Once you have decided to be following a person, his tweets will be updated all the time on your profile.

Difference Between Following and Followers

Who is a Follower?

If you are a famous personality, it is easy to have lots of followers. Whenever you update your status on Twitter, your tweet gets updated on the profile of all your followers, and they know instantly what you are up to or what you have just let the world know about you or an event. Followers are persons in general and, in case of Twitter, they could be your friends or fans. You become a follower of a person once you have pressed the follow button on the profiler of a person. Subscribing to receive updates on someone’s tweets makes one a follower of that person. Every person who is a member of Twitter is allowed to follow up to 2000 people.

Following vs Followers

What is the difference between Following and Followers?

Definitions of Following and Followers:

Following: Following is an act and is a verb.

Follower: Follower is a person who follows.

Characteristics of Following and Followers:

Social Networks:

Following: On Twitter, a social networking site, one can be a follower of many people, and he is said to be following them.

Follower: To become a follower, one has to press the follow button below the profile of the person.


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