Difference Between Freedom and Liberty

Freedom vs Liberty

Freedom and Liberty are two words that are often confused when it comes to their meanings and connotations. Actually, there is some difference between the two words. The word ‘freedom’ is generally used in the sense of ‘independence’. On the other hand, the word ‘liberty’ is used in the sense of ‘right’. This is the main difference between the two words.

Freedom is meant for the country as a whole. In other words, it is meant for all the people that constitute a country. On the other hand, liberty is meant for an individual. In other words, an individual fights for liberty. This is another important difference between the two words.

Freedom is nothing, but independence from the rule of a foreign country. For example, India got freedom from the rule of the British on the 15th of August 1947. On the other hand, a person gets liberty if he fights for it. Liberty at times pertains to a group of people too. For example, a certain group of individuals can fight for liberty.

The word ‘freedom’ is figuratively used in the sense of ‘emancipation’ or ‘salvation’ in philosophy. The freedom of soul or the individual soul is the state of salvation where the person after death reaches God. Freedom of the soul is the ultimate goal of a philosopher. Once the soul gets liberated then it ceases to be born again.

Liberty is believed to be the root cause of freedom. In other words, it can be said that liberty is the subset of freedom. The state of freedom is brought about by the demands of people that wanted liberty. It is interesting to note that liberty paves the way for a certain kind of movement that instigates the spirit of freedom. These are the differences between freedom and liberty.

  • Xedis

    This is who I am. I wrote this as simple and unbiased as I could. Then found out that most people follow this without knowing that they do. Then they find out this is what we naturally do to be groups but yet stay as individuals. Those that break this circle create a drain (challenge) on society and restrict your liberty and freedom for the good for their use. In return they also restrict their own and those who enforce it. The USA is the only country that ever gave back guns to those who fought a civil war to the loser. They realized what good to individual liberty and freedom is. It comes from individuals and protected by all individuals as one central group. We struggle to find out what we have to offer to stay as individuals to have diversity enough to form groups that individuals can offer what they believe can improve the life of others (when offered to them) not forced onto them so they can decide for themselves as individuals.
    My offers, friends and someday meet as friends but meanwhile exchange thoughts.

    Liberty to Freedom for the good!

    To begin with Liberty is what makes each of us unique by how you use what you are, able to think, communicate take up space (roam) and so forth to grow from the beginning of your existence to who you are at the present time to what you became in the end. Liberty lets each of us interact with world to be who we are from day one to now, this is how the basic law, do no harm or steal to your Liberty defines the meaning of good. Freedom you earn from day one thru out your life, for the good you do to your liberty if you should deprive anyone of any one liberty you will be always looking for your liberty.
    In order to use what you are born with (liberty) you need freedom to take care of yourself is my share to the good, then to better yourself your able to invite an offer to another of your share to the good, of what you can accept to do for them this creates a debate for our shares to the good, as long as all the other ways to accept our shares are an option for them and you.
    Ask each other?
    What is: My fair share? (So you can Take Care)
    What is: Your fair share (invite, offer what able to)
    What is: Our fair share (how it is accepted with all the other ways to accept optional)

    Here you have KISS a new meaning, keep it simply simple.
    Liberty is how you interact with your world + ——.
    Freedom is an invite, acceptance + ——.
    When using your liberty, ask yourselves what is (my) (your) (our) fair share? To better your fair shares out of what my fair shares were for the better (good you do to your liberty).

    Take Care Now