Difference Between French and Spanish

French vs Spanish

French and Spanish are two languages that show enormous differences between them when it comes to the pronunciation of their words, word formation and the like. It is important to know that both French and Spanish belong to the family of languages called the Indo-European family of languages.

The Indo-European family of languages is otherwise called as Indo-Germanic family of languages. Since, both French and Spanish belong to the same family they show a lot of similarities too among them apart from numerous differences in their syntax and semantics. Syntax is the study of sentence formation, whereas semantics is the study of the development of meanings.

As a matter of fact, both the languages belong to the Latin group of languages. Hence, they show some similarities too. French is spoken is the country of France in the continent of Europe. On the other hand, Spanish is spoken in the country of Spain in the continent of Europe.

Apart from France, French is spoken in a few other countries in Europe and South America as well. It is spoken in countries such as Guyana and other South American countries. It is spoken in the West Indies too. Certain letters are not pronounced both in French and Spanish. For example, the letter‘s’ in ‘vous’ is not pronounced in both the languages. In other words‘s’ is silent.

The letter when present in the end of the letter goes unpronounced as in the word ‘chauffeur’. The final ‘r’ is silent in French language. The letter ‘i’ when present in the second place of a word should be lengthened as in the case of the word ‘livre’ meaning book. The letter ‘i’ is lengthened in pronunciation. These are some of the differences between the two important languages spoken in the world, namely, French and Spanish.