Difference Between French Bulldog and English Bulldog

French Bulldog vs English Bulldog

Despite their names depict the countries of origin as a main difference between them; both French bulldog and English bulldog have been developed in England. However, there are many other important distinctions about these dog breeds including the sizes and appearances.

French Bulldog

French bulldog, aka Bouledogue Francais, is a relative of the English and American bulldogs. The origin of the French bulldog traces down to England, but the present patronage is with France. These are small sized dogs with about 7 – 11 kilograms of bodyweight, but there are smaller weight classes (viz. 5.4 kilograms) for French bulldogs in dog shows. They have a conspicuous head, which is noticeably square shaped, but with a slightly round top. The broad muzzle is deep and well-laid back as the cheek muscles are prominent. The nostrils of the short nose are large, and there is a pronounced line between them. It would be important to state that they have small but erected ears. One of the important features about French bulldogs is that their hind legs being longer than the forelegs, which give them a distinct standing pose. Although they are light weighted dogs, the appearance of French bulldogs is puffed-up. Few dewlaps could be observed around the back of the neck. They are available in many colourations such as fawn, cream, white, black brindle, and white, but brindle being the most prominent of all. The black mask may or may not be present in French bulldogs.

The temperaments of French Bulldogs make them popular among people as they are playful, sociable, energetic, affectionate, patient, swift, and alert. French bulldogs love being loved by owners, and they do not demand much exercise. They live about 10 – 12 years and very rarely bark unlike most of the dog breeds.

English Bulldog

The common bulldog is referred as English bulldog. As its name indicates, the origin of English bulldog was England. It is a small dog breed with a highly wrinkled face and characteristically pushed-in snout. Because of their short muzzle, bulldogs are referred as brachycephalic dogs. There is a skin fold above the muzzle, called rope. Their mouth is drooping, which has a noticeably hanging skin under the neck forming dewlaps. English bulldogs have broad shoulders; those are prominent when compared with the height. A well-built male bulldog is about 23 to 25 kilograms in weight and roughly about 40 centimetres tall at the withers. English bulldog’s neck is characteristically short and wide. Their fur coat is short with red, fawn, white, or mixed colours. Because of their drooping eyes, they are more prone to cherry eye and protrusion of third eye lid. Since they are sensitive to the extreme heat during the summer, cooling methods should be available to control their body temperature. These friendly, docile, and gregarious dogs have a distinct appearance with the small hanging ears. Due to their smaller size, they do not need to do more exercises, and they can be kept even in a small area like a small apartment. Bulldogs can live between seven and twelve years in healthy conditions.

French Bulldog vs English Bulldog

• English bulldogs are taller, stockier, and weigh much more than the French bulldogs.

• Head is highly conspicuous in French bulldog with a square shape, but English bulldog head is not square shaped.

• Hind legs are longer than forelegs in French bulldogs but not in English bulldogs.

• English bulldogs face more health challenges than French bulldogs do.

• Ears are erected in French bulldog, but those are drooping in English bulldogs

• Dewlaps are found on the back of the neck in French bulldogs, whereas English bulldogs have dewlaps at the front of the neck.

• The upper lip is prominently droopy in English bulldogs but not in French bulldogs.

• French bulldog has a prominent upper jaw while English bulldogs have a prominent lower jaw.