Difference Between Frying and Grilling

Frying vs Grilling

Frying and grilling are two different methods of cooking food items and both are loved by people around the world. There are people who live to eat delicious, yummy food, and it doesn’t matter to them whether it is equally healthy or not. On the other and, most people have become very health conscious and try to avoid foods with high calorific value. These are the people who want to stay away from oily and greasy food items to remain fit and healthy. This article attempts to highlight the differences between grilling and frying to enable readers to choose the method that is better for their lifestyle.


Frying is one cooking method that makes use of a medium such as cooking oil. This is a technique that evolved in Egypt some 4000 years ago and spread to all parts of the world. Edible oils such as vegetable oils, coconut oils, mustard oils etc. are pre heated to a high temperature and then food items are placed inside the frying pan that contains these oils. Frying is a technique of cooking that can prepare vegetarian as well as well as non-vegetarian dishes. While fried meat is extremely popular all over the world, potato chip is another food item that is fried and eaten with gusto by people of all ages.


Grilling is a cooking method that makes use of dry heat to cook the food. Even before the advent of civilization when man was a hunter gatherer, grilling was the common and perhaps the only method to cook food. Today, grilling is done on grills that are open and wired to allow the heat of the fire below to reach the food item through radiation. Meats are sliced and often applied with oils and spices before placed on grills to be cooked. Application of direct heat to meats often makes them lose their juices and natural fats. Though the food prepared by grilling is dry, it is considered very tasty and aromatic by people around the world.

Frying vs Grilling

• Grilling makes use of direct heat, whereas frying makes use of the heat of a cooking medium such as cooking oil.

• Grilling is the older method of cooking having been used even before man lived in a civilized manner while frying appeared on the scene in Egypt around 4000 years ago.

• While grilling robs even the natural fats of the meat to be cooked, frying increases grease and fats from the cooking oil that is used for cooking.

• Grilling is believed to be healthier than frying as it keeps calories of the food down.

• Even food items that are low on fat become highly fatty when they are fried. When such food items are consumed, they lead to increase in cholesterol and also lead to weight gain.