Difference Between Full and Twin Bed

Full vs Twin Bed

Were you confused by the nomenclature for differently sized beds used by the salesman when you went to a store to buy a bed for your kids? It is only natural to be confused if one is not aware of the names, let along their measurements. You have a single bed, double bed, twin bed, full bed, King’s bed, Queen’s, and if this is not enough, names like California King and eastern or Western King are also thrown in. Well, this article is not going to add to your misery and will try to make the difference between a full bed and a twin bed clear to you.

In a normal room, both full and twin beds will easily fit in without compromising the décor of the room or thinking about making changes in the furniture.

Twin Bed

Let us talk about twin bed first. They are also single beds that are used singly as well as when two are joined together to make a double bed. When a double bed has been made up using two single beds, it is usually referred to as a twin bed. These beds are placed mostly in kid’s rooms in either side of the room so that siblings sleep comfortably on their beds while being separate too. Being smaller than a standard double bed, they are easy to fit in any room. A single bed measures 39”x75”; thus, a single person has 39” for himself. The length being 6’3”, twin bed may be short for tall teens. For such tall teens, there are extra long twin beds available in the market that has an extra 5” in length (80”).

Full Bed

A full or double bed is preferred by married couples though it provides less space for both persons. There is an extra 15” width available in a full bed than a single bed. Therefore, the width of a full bed is 54”, which means that each person gets 27” for himself, whereas a full bed made by joining two single beds comes to around 78”. This gives each person an extra 12” for himself, which is very comfortable indeed, though there is the disadvantage that such a bed takes up much space, and if the room is small, one may have to make alterations in furniture to accommodate two twin beds that are joined to make a double bed. Bed sheets of full bed are also easily available in many designs and prints.


What is the difference between Full and Twin Bed?

• Two single beds put together is called twin bed, whereas full bed is also called a double bed.

• A twin bed has a width of 2×39” making it ideal for kids’ room as well as guest room as the twin beds can be placed separately, as well.

• On the other hand, full bed has a width of 54 inches making it 15” wider than a single bed and ideal for married couples.