Difference between Full Board and All Inclusive

Full Board vs All Inclusive

Full board and All-inclusive are the options you choose when booking on a hotel. When you’re on a vacation, these two are ideal options since they include board and meals. If you are on a tight budget, these two are ideal for you since they are at discounted prices.

What is Full board?

Full board accommodation pertains to the room and meals per person. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in full board. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are not included in your package, and you have to pay for it yourself when you want to drink. Amenities are also not included, so you have to pay if you want to use the pool, spa center, bars and other amenities.

What is All inclusive?

All inclusive accommodations include room, three meals per day, selected alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, activities and other services. This kind of accommodation may vary depending on the location of your vacation, the number of people who are going, or if there are any children with you. This is to be able to match the kind of entertainment for all guests like having a playground for children or honeymoon suites for couples.

Difference Between Full board and all inclusive

Full board only has 3 meals and a room included while all inclusive includes snacks, special activities and services aside from having 3 meals and room. Generally, the accommodation for a full board booking is good for 1 person while all inclusive is ideal for family and couples. With Full board, drinking is of a certain limitation, especially when you’re saving money. All inclusive includes drinks and you don’t have to worry about budget since it is included in your package. All inclusive has lots of activities in store for you. With full board, you still need to pay a certain amount to use the hotel’s amenities.
Full board and all inclusive can be at your great advantage if you know what kind of booking is suitable for you. Full board is ideal for singles while all-inclusive is good for couples and families.

In brief:

• Full board and All-inclusive are the options you choose when booking on a hotel if you want to save money.

• Full board includes lodging and three meals.

• All inclusive includes lodging, 3 meals, drinks, and other activities.