Difference Between Gas and Electric Ovens

Gas vs Electric Ovens

For many people, whether the food has been cooked on an electric oven or a gas based oven does not make a difference. After all, both types of ovens cook the food efficiently and the difference lies in the kind of heat supplied to the food item for cooking only. Many professional cooks make use of both electric based as well as gas based ovens depending upon their requirements. But at homes, it is always either of the two ovens. Let us find out in this article if there is indeed any difference between gas and electric ovens or is it just a matter of personal preference.

Gas Ovens

Gas ovens have the advantage of turning on a flame right away providing instant source of heat that one can also dim or switch off completely whenever required. Older generation finds itself more comfortable with open flame cooking because of the control it feels with different cooking methods. Frying and deep frying stirring the contents in a pan is an age old practice that most people love while cooking on a gas based stove. In short, one has a great deal of control over the amount of heat he can make use of while cooking food items. One needs a gas connection to make use of a gas oven and running a pipeline inside the home can be expensive initially. However, the running costs are small if one goes by the claims of gas companies.

Gas flames produce CO and NO2 gases that are considered dangerous for us humans. This is why proper ventilation is required when one is cooking food on a gas based oven. Though cooking gas is considered very safe to use, one has to be cautious as there have been cases of explosions in kitchens, in the past. Baking is one mode of cooking that is easier with electric ovens than gas based ovens.

Electric Ovens

With electricity being used as a source of heat, there is more uniform distribution of heat while cooking food in an electric oven. However, it takes time for an electric oven to heat and cool down giving lesser control to the individual over use of heat during cooking. Some people say food cooked over electric ovens gets dried out quickly as there is no control over the heat. Electric ovens are less expensive than gas based ovens and also do not require any pipeline or installation. For most of the people living on rent, using electric ovens is ideal as they can be easily moved around. Also, electric ovens are very safe as there is no direct flame and, therefore, no chance of any explosion or combustion.

When it comes to baking, results are very good with electric ovens because of uniform heating. One finds baking cakes and browning of other baked items a lot more satisfactory than one can achieve with gas ovens.

Gas Ovens vs Electric Ovens

• There is more uniform heating in case of electric ovens.

• There is a direct flame in case of gas based ovens.

• User has better control over heat in case of gas ovens and can be innovative while cooking foods.

• Electric ovens produce better results with baking with better browning of food items.

• Electric oven is easier to install than a gas based burner because of running of gas pipelines.