Difference Between Gay and Bi

Gay vs Bi

Sexual orientation of men and women has been a subject of hot discussion of late. There are basically three sexual orientations namely homosexual, heterosexual, and bisexual, but new terms have been coined because of negative connotations of the term homosexual. Today gay has taken over the clinical term homosexual, which was not even gender specific. There is another term Bi that is vogue these days and an integral part of the LGBT community. People often confuse between gay and bi because of some similarities in the behaviors of these two categories of people. This article attempts to highlight the differences between gay and bi, to enable readers to find out the sexual orientation of the person they are dealing with.


Gay is a category of men showing preference for men when it comes to their sexual orientation. They are homosexuals, which mean that they prefer to have sex with other people of their own gender rather than having sex with people of the opposite gender. Some feel that gay men show effeminate qualities and that men with these qualities like to be penetrated rather than showing masculinity and penetrating women for sex. Gay is reserved for men only and women showing preference for their own sex are called lesbians.


Bi sexual is a minuscule percentage of people in a population that has a sexual preference for both sexes. Thus, a bi man would have sex with other women as well as other men of his own volition. Similarly, a bi woman can have sex with another woman as well as another man. Bi is an important category in LGBT community, which means there are more people with double sexual orientation than we think they are in the population.

A bisexual is a person who is attracted to both genders, and this is a sexual behavior that is not because of any confusion, but because a bisexual is attracted to both genders. In fact, there are many bisexuals amidst gays and lesbians who know that their coming out in the open about their sexual preference would be awkward for their partners as well as to their own image.

What is the difference between Gay and Bi?

• Gay is a category of men who are homosexuals.

• Gay is a word not laden with negative implications.

• Gay men show sexual preference to other men rather than women.

• Bi or bi sexual is a category of people who are attracted to both sexes.

• A bisexual man would love to have sex with a woman as well as a man.

• Both men, as well as women, can be bisexual.

• There is no ostensible difference to let one know if the person he is dealing with is just gay or a bisexual.

• There are many gays who are bisexual but are afraid to let this be known as they do not want to offend their male partners.