Difference Between Geek and Dork

Geek vs Dork

Geek, dork, and nerd are terms that are often used interchangeably by people for fellows who are socially inept and are somewhat foolish though they are brainy in their own right. In fact, geek is a term normally used for very bookish and seemingly knowledgeable guy, mostly someone who has a lot of knowledge about computers. Looking up the dictionary can further confuse to anyone who wants to know the differences between a geek and a dork. This article attempts to find out these differences.


How do you feel in the company of a person who is too brainy but at the same time also socially inept? If one tries to look at the origins of the word, it seems that the Greek word geck, which meant foolish, somehow got changed to geek in the 19th century and got accepted as a word that described exceptionally brainy people who were also socially misfits. Geeks are very high on intelligence, and some of the gifted and talented computer professionals easily fit into this category. Geeks are obsessed with technology and boring as classmates. You are sure to find these people funny when you are in high school, but you find yourself working under such people when you pass out from college. Being called a geek is not an insult and people who are really intelligent seem to take it with pride when called a geek.

Geeks seem to be interested in objects and things that most people are not interested in. In general though, geeks are people mostly associated with information technology. Geek may have been a derogatory word in the past, but it is today considered a respectable word, especially for those in the world of computers.


Dork is a word that has been used for different things but it is mostly used in a derogatory manner. It is a slang for a male body part, but when used to refer to a person, it means someone who is not only socially inept but also foolish. You know you have met a dork when he tries to show off as a knowledgeable person, but you know that he is a hollow man knowing nothing but only pretending.

No matter what the occasion or circumstance, just remember that dork is no way a label; that is respectable or gives credit to you in any way. Dork is a person who behaves in a silly manner but does not realize his foolishness or clumsiness. At best, a dork is a socially retarded person.

Geek vs Dork

• Dork and geek are words used to refer to socially inept people but, whereas geek is considered complimentary, dork is a pejorative term.

• Geeks are people mostly involved with technology and computer professionals are the ones most often labeled as geeks.

• Take it with pride if you are called a geek, even if the word was laden with negative connotations earlier.