Difference Between Geeks and Nerds

Geeks vs Nerds

Geeks and nerds are slangs commonly used to describe people who are into activities that are too intellectual and are socially inept. These are words that are often used interchangeably but if you look up online or try them in a dictionary, you will find that these adjectives contain many differences. Both terms are used either endearingly or in a pejorative manner, often depending upon to whom, at what place and at what time applied.


A nerd is typically a person who has an extreme interest in an academic field of study. These people often have difficulty adjusting with others socially as they are mostly introverts. Nerds often have varied interests from movies to games to more practical skills such as computer science.


This term has originated from circus performers who carried on bizarre acts. The earliest meaning of the word was a person who is foolish, offensive and worthless. But today the word as taken a positive connotation and a geek is classified as a person having interest in niche activities, especially technology. Geeks tend to have average grades but often have varied interests. Society still views computer programming as a bizarre act and the term geek is proudly applied to computer programmers.

Difference between Geeks and Nerds

• Nerds generally avoid making use of jargon and obscure referencing. On the other hand, geeks use obscure referencing abundantly.

• Geeks often take interest in microscopic details of life while nerds are uninterested in daily life details. However, they talk in macroscopic details such as future of mankind and scientific possibilities.

• Nerds are more willing to talk about their hobbies and interests than geeks. This they do to flaunt their intellect. Geeks on the other hand take pride in talking obscure and unique subjects..

• You can tell the difference by talking to a person. If he is uncomfortable and responds in a silly manner, you are talking to a nerd. Nerds tend to talk to common people in layman’s terms as they believe this is the only possible way of talking to common people. Geeks on the other hand tend to speak in an obscure manner, thinking the person he is talking to is capable of understanding the concepts.

• Geeks can indulge in jokes, but nerds do not bother to lighten the atmosphere.

• Geeks have no problem adjusting with non geeks while nerds find solace in the company of another nerd.