Difference Between Gelding and Stallion

Gelding vs Stallion

Both gelding and stallion are horses with different reproductive conditions. Horse has been one of the closest animals with man for a long time that dates back almost 4,000 years in the recorded history. The main reason for that long unbroken relationship with man is the great ability of horses to provide their assistance to ease the workload of human. Stallions, on the other hand, have been instrumental in maintaining the horse populations at the proper levels, as they contribute through their reproductive ability. Despite the fact that it is a long relationship between man and horse, there are many instances people do not know the real difference of a stallion from a gelding, but this article provides important information to understand those.


Gelding is the castrated (neutered) male horse or other equines viz. donkey. In English, gelding is a verb that describes the process of castration of equine males. A gelded male is calmer and is better behaved than an intact male and which is mainly due to the predominant decrease of testosterone with the removal of the testes. A gelding is quiet, gentle, and highly obedient working animal that has zero interest on mares (females) for mating. Additionally, the interest of others is low enhances an elevated working capacity in geldings. This low interest shown by other horses would be highly beneficial, especially, in races.

It is possible for a male to be gelded at any age, but the veterinary surgeons and experienced personnel recommend the best time to do so would be before the sexual maturity. There is a common problem with the geldings known as the accumulation of Smegma around the mostly unused penis, which requires regular cleaning for the cleanliness.


Stallion is the reproductively active adult male horse. Stallion of each breed and each subspecies of the horse is vital for the survival of each generation. Stallions provide the half of the gene pool that is required to produce an offspring through sexual mating with a mare. Stallions are especially cared with serious attention by the owners and breeders as they are the prospective candidates responsible to produce a healthy next generation. Usually stallion is larger than mares, and their physical strength is greater than the females. Their physical characteristics are quite similar to other members of the same breed, except for the obvious differences of the reproductive systems. They are ever ready to mate with a mare, and that is their main function.

What is the difference between Gelding and Stallion?

• Gelding is reproductively inactive while stallion is sexually active.

• Geldings work better than stallions.

• Geldings are more tender and obedient than stallions.

• Stallion likes to look for mares and vice versa, whereas the geldings have no interest on other and vice versa.

• Stallion encounters the natural levels of hormones, whereas a gelding undergoes through unnatural hormone levels.

• Stallion has functioning testes but not in gelding.

• Accumulation of smegma and other dirt is more common in geldings than in stallions.

• Gelding is important for working purposes while stallions are vital for the reproduction purposes.


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