Difference Between Gender and Sexuality

Gender vs Sexuality

Gender and sexuality are words that are confused with each other. This is because of the wide range of contexts in which the word sex is used. We know that our biological sex is the male or female anatomy that we are born with, but sexuality is a word having a far deeper meaning than that meets the eyes. We can easily tell the gender of a new born baby but can we so easily tell about the sexuality of a growing child? This is why there has been a heated discussion among the experts trying to differentiate between the two terms. This article attempts to highlight the differences between gender and sexuality of a person.


The population of the world is divided between males and females though there are also people who have an intersex gender. Thus, it becomes clear that gender is defined by our sex organs and our mind or sexual orientation has nothing to do with our gender. One of the most important information that we are asked, when filling out a form for registration with a school, club, or society, is our gender. Even while looking for a job, we are required to reveal our gender. We are happy to tick on the box that is appropriate for use such as male/female, boy/girl, or M/F depending upon our biological sex. But, what would you do if you found that you are also asked about your sexuality, in addition to your gender?

There are also sociologists and experts who feel that our gender is not all about our internal and external sex organs and it is what is expected of us in the form of roles, behaviors, and activities by our society. Our cultures have a strong role to play on our behaviors, and these influences are reflected in our sexual behavior based upon our biological sex.


Our sexual orientation or, in other words, how we feel emotionally and romantically towards members of a sex is basically divided into categories. We are heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual by nature. While heterosexuals remain most dominant in the population with males getting attracted to other females, there are also homosexuals and bisexuals in the population. LGBT is a community of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgender people who do not qualify as heterosexuals. These terms are used to describe the sexuality or the sexual orientation of an individual. So, if you are asked by a hooker at the pub if you are straight or gay, do not be offended as she is just being polite and asking your sexual orientation. Whether you are masculine or effeminate is what is decided by our sexuality and not by our gender.

What is the difference between Gender and Sexuality?

• Our gender is decided on the basis of our internal and external sex organs and thus we are instantly categorized as boy/girl, male/female, or man/woman.

• Gender is important information that is asked from us at every step of life whether we are registering in a school or applying for a job.

• Sexuality refers to our predisposition towards members of a particular sex and we could be heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual.

• Gender is one’s sexual identity, whereas sexuality is one’s predisposition towards members of a sex.

  • Brett Thomas

    The author of this article seems to have a misunderstanding of the word “gender” and has interchanged the word for “sex”. An individual is NEVER required to reveal their ‘gender’ (cisgender, transgender, a-gender, etc.) on forms but may be asked for their ‘sex’ (male, female, etc.).