Difference Between Genius and Intelligent

Genius vs Intelligent

It is hard to differentiate a true genius among several intelligent people. It is a fact that a genius is someone who is exceptionally talented and highly intelligent. However, it cannot be said that all highly intelligent people are geniuses. What is it that makes highly intelligent person a genius too? This article attempts to find the differences between intelligent and genius to make it simple for many.

Some part of the brain or its activity is responsible for making a person intelligent. However, even scientists do not know what makes a person more intelligent than another person. The only tool available to tap the intelligence of a person is his IQ score, and that too cannot tell if a person is a true genius though people with an IQ score of more than 125 are generally considered very intelligent.

However, just because a person has a very high IQ score does not mean he is a genius. Yes, he is intelligent, and very clever to adapt to different circumstances, but not necessarily a genius. Genius has got to do with another talent known as creativity. A genius has a creative mind that is much more imaginative and constructive than a merely intelligent person.

A research of the greatest scientist of our times, Albert Einstein, revealed that his brain was no different from ordinary brains, though. In fact, the size of his brain was smaller than average brain size. However, parietal lobe in his brain was much larger than found in average people. There was also missing a fissure found in brains of normal people. Scientists concluded that the absence of fissure in his brain allowed different areas of the brain to communicate with each other in a fast, uninterrupted manner.

Scientists have found that the babies whose brains develop faster and get thicker soon are more intelligent than babies whose brains develop slowly. They also talk of inheritance when it comes to level of intelligence in a person.

World has come to veer around the view that IQ tests do not measure the whole of intelligence of a person but only a part of it. Most scientists believe that intelligence is made up of analytical ability, but it is only a part of what intelligence is. There are other aspects of intelligence such as creativity and practical ability that go on to make a person highly intelligent. However, when this creativity is significantly higher than in average people, a person qualifies to be a genius.


What is the difference between Genius and Intelligent?

• All intelligent people are not geniuses, but all geniuses are highly intelligent.

• A genius is more creative than a person who is merely intelligent.

• It is creativity that leads to invention of new products and is labeled as a prerequisite in a genius.

• Intelligence helps in adapting to different circumstances easily though it does not need genius.


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