Difference Between GHz and MHz

GHz vs MHz

GHz and MHz stands for Gigahertz and Megahertz respectively. These two units are used to measure frequency. Gigahertz and megahertz are used in different situations, to measure frequency in different scales. Frequency is a very important factor of a wave or a vibration. The concept of frequency is widely used in fields such as physics, engineering, astronomy, acoustics, electronics and various other fields. It is vital to have a good understanding in the concept of frequency and the units used to measure it in order to excel in such fields. In this article, we are going to discuss what frequency is, what GHz and MHz are, their applications, the similarities between GHz and MHz, and finally the difference between GHz and MHz.

MHz (megahertz)

The unit megahertz is used to measure frequency. It is necessary to understand the concept of the megahertz in order to understand the unit megahertz. Frequency is a concept discussed in periodic motions of objects. A periodic motion can be considered as any motion that repeats itself in a fixed time period. A planet revolving around the sun is a periodic motion. A satellite orbiting around the earth is a periodic motion, even the motion of a balance ball set is a periodic motion. Most of the periodic motions we encounter are circular, linear or semi-circular. A periodic motion has a frequency. The frequency means how “frequent” the event occurs. For simplicity, we take frequency as the occurrences per second. Periodic motions can be either uniform or non-uniform. A uniform one can have a uniform angular velocity. Functions such as amplitude modulation can have double periods. They are periodic functions encapsulated in other periodic functions. The inverse of the frequency of the periodic motion gives the time for a period. The unit was named hertz to honor the great German physicist Heinrich Hertz. The unit Megahertz is equal to 10hertz. The unit Megahertz is widely used to measure frequencies of radio and TV broadcasting radio waves and speed of microprocessors.

GHz (Gigahertz)

Gigahertz is also a unit used to measure frequency. The prefix “Giga” refers to a factor of 109. Thereby the unit Gigahertz is equal to 10hertz. A common household personal computer has the processing power in the range of Gigahertz. Radio waves are also measured in GHz when high frequency modulated radio waves are used.


What is the difference between MHz and GHz?

• Both Megahertz and Gigahertz are used to measure frequency. MHz is 1000 times lower than the GHz. 

• Electromagnetic wave in the region of GHz has more energy per photon than that of the MHz range.

• GHz is widely used to measure household and office computers’ computing power of the processor. MHz is widely used to measure the processing power of small-scale microprocessors.

• Megahertz represents 10hertz, whereas Gigahertz represents 10hertz.