Difference Between Gig and Concert

Gig vs Concert

We are all aware of the word concert as we are used to hearing about world tours and live performances given by singers and composers in different parts of the world. There is another word gig that is sometimes used to refer to live performances given by musicians and singers. This confuses many as they cannot make out the differences between the two musical events. This article attempts to find if there are any differences between gigs and concerts or they are synonymous.


A concert is a musical performance given by an artist out in the open structure or an auditorium. These are live performances that are held on a large scale with tickets sold to audiences that turn up to enjoy the evenings. A concert may be a performance by a single artist or it may be a collective effort. Concerts provide a chance to fans to hear live music from their favorite artists, and this is why they turn out in large numbers to make these events hits. A concert is a word that is used mostly by audiences and also by the promoters who use the word to promote the event to make it successful.


Gig or GIG is a term that is used to refer to live performances given by artists, mostly musical. Musicians use the word among themselves, and the word is informally used between artists. Gig is normally a smaller event than a concert and one would not call a mega event by a celebrity singer a gig.

Gig vs Concert

• Concert and gig are words used to refer to events where singers or musicians give performances, but there are differences of scale as well as use among the common people.

• Concert connotes mega events attended by thousands of spectators and such events are held in large open spaces such as stadiums or auditoriums.

• Gig is a rather informal term that musicians use among themselves.

• A gig is applied to a performance held in a smaller venue with a smaller audience being present.

• Gig is sometimes reserved for events where artists are not very famous, whereas concert is a word used when the performer is a celebrity.

• Gig can even take place in restaurants, bars, or pubs, whereas concerts are highly publicized and are organized in large places.