Difference Between Giving Up and Moving On

Giving Up vs Moving On

Giving up and moving on are phrases that are used very commonly in English language. What do you do when you make an aim in life and make great efforts to achieve it but fail in your attempts? Do you give up on your dreams or just move on?

These phrases are used in many similar situations, in life, making it difficult for many people to understand their differences. This article attempts to highlight the differences between giving up and moving on, to enable readers to make correct use of these similar phrases.

Giving Up

When you are standing in a ring, fighting it out with your opponent, giving up means you drop your guard and surrender to your opponent without showing any resistance. This happens when you feel that, despite your best efforts, you are not getting the better of your opponent. You know there is still chance, but you give up knowing it is beyond your capabilities.

Giving up is also used in relationships when a person is trying to woo another person but failing to win his heart and realizing the futility of his attempts, and finally giving up.

Moving On

In terms of relationships, moving on refers to the situation when there is a break up between two individuals and both accept the reality to move on with others in their respective lives. Moving on doesn’t mean giving up. It is a mature decision taken by grownups, to let go of objects and people in their lives. It is not a matter of standing a chance in the case of moving on.

Moving on is a better decision to make when you realize that things are beyond your control and you cannot change things in life. May be, even not to try is a better way to look at an issue when you cannot change things.

What is the difference between Giving Up and Moving On?

• In life, despite facing all the frustration and stress, individuals continue to follow their dreams and are not prepared to give up.

• Giving up seems to be insulting to them when they should gracefully accept their defeat. The same happens in relationships when people continue to live in the past and do not want to accept a breakup with another individual.

• Moving on refer to the act of gracefully accepting a situation in life when one cannot hope to change things.

• Moving on implies not looking back and achieving more success in ventures and relationships.

• Giving up can produce guilt feelings whereas moving on is a mature and wise decision.

• One does not know answers to all questions in life. Not knowing an answer doesn’t mean you give up as a far better option is to move on with your life.