Difference Between GMC and Chevy

GMC vs Chevy

GMC and Chevy are two of the most popular brands in the car industry. There are some differences between the two in terms of the models produced by the two and the making of the cars.

GMC stands for General Motors truck Company whereas Chevrolet is in short called as Chevy. It is interesting to note that the trucks manufactured by the General Motors are similar in their appearance.

One of the major differences between GMC and Chevy is that GMC concentrates only in the making of trucks, vans and SUVs. On the other hand Chevy specializes in the making of cars in various models such as subcompact car and sedan. It is interesting to note that Chevrolet also manufactures trucks.

As a matter of fact the trucks manufactured by Chevrolet are sold at higher volumes when compared to the trucks manufactured by GMC in the United States.

There is a general feeling among the members of the public and the drivers that the GMC vehicles are better equipped when compared to the vehicles promoted by Chevy. This is especially true when it comes to aesthetic equipment.

When you consider the history of both the companies even then you can see some differences between the two. The most important difference between the two during the earlier part of their production was that the vehicles promoted by GMC in the 60s were characterized by the presence of quad-headlights. On the other hand the Chevy vehicles were characterized by the presence of dual-headlights.

It is important to note that the vans, trucks and SUVs manufactured by GMC showed variety in terms of models and features when compared to the vehicles promoted by Chevy. Buyers were offered more options when they bought vehicles manufactured by GMC. Limited options were available on the other hand for the buyers of the trucks and vans promoted by Chevrolet.

It is no hyperbole that people often felt in the beginning that Chevrolet was shown as an entry level car. It is to be known that both the brands sported identical designs and make-up, the only difference being the dealership associated with them.

It is quite true that people bought GMC vehicles in the United States along with Pontiac. This is the reason why the vehicles promoted by GMC were sold in smaller volumes when compared to those promoted by Chevrolet. Both of them are of course popular brands.