Difference Between Goat and Ram

Goat vs Ram

The close relationship between goat and sheep may easily but mistakenly direct anyone to refer them as in the same species. However, as they belong to two species, the differences are easy to understand between them. This article discusses the characteristics of goat and ram, and then focuses into the distinction between the two. Therefore, it would be worthwhile to be aware of the information presented in this article.


Goat, Capra aegagrus, is one of the earliest animals to domesticate with humans. There are several breeds of goats, and they vary according to their uses. Goats have been useful in many ways including in dairy, fibre, meat, skin, and as companion animals. Meat of a young goat is known as either kid or cabrito while the older ones’ flesh is known as chevon or mutton (rarely). The tail of a goat is short and erects upwards with a little curve. Their body is covered with a hairy coat, but it does not have to be combed. In addition, the coat needs not to be sheared, as it is not woolly. Male goats have glands beneath the tail, and their secretions give them a unique odour. The odour gets stronger with the sexual maturity and becomes strongest during the mating season (rut). Most of the goat breeds have horns, which are upright and narrow. The beard is one of their characteristic features. Sometimes, goats have become backyard pests as they browse on almost all the plants at their reach. Usually, a goat has an average lifespan of 15 – 18 years. The lifetime could come down to eight or ten years, if there have been stressful periods, especially due to rutting and kidding.


Ram is the intact male of sheep, Ovis aries. In other words, ram is capable of breeding with the females (ewes), to produce fertile offspring. Therefore, rams are essential to maintain the sheep population, as they contribute themselves as breeders. Rams, being males, are sexually different from others having the most important male reproductive organs with them. Since, there are castrated males (known as wethers) in most of the domestic sheep flocks, the consideration of rams is important as per their breeding potential. However, their breeding capacity could vary among them, but usually in one breeding season (60 days), one ram could successfully breed with 30 – 35 ewes. Due to the high testosterone secretion, the aggression is higher in rams compared to ewes, wethers, and lamb. The horned sheep breeds have long and well-developed horns, which are curved over the back of their heads. They also have the scent glands and tear glands, as in all the sheep. Rams can grow as large as 450 kilograms sometimes. A ram can usually live about 10 – 12 years, but the lifespan could vary depending on their performance, productivity, and disease prevalence.

What is the difference between Goat and Ram?

• Goat and ram belong to two different species Capra aegagrus and Ovis aries respectively.

• Goat could contain both males and females of any age and reproductive status, whereas ram is always a reproductively potential male sheep.

• Ram is heavier and larger compared to goats.

• Horns are longer and curved over the back of the head in rams, while those more erected and less curved in goat.

• Goat has many uses compared to ram to human, despite the importance of both are incomparable.

• Goats have a longer lifespan than rams have.Goat has many uses compared to ram to human, despite the importance of both are incomparable.

• Goats have a longer lifespan than rams have.

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