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Difference Between God and Lord

God vs Lord

It is important to note that the word ‘God’ comes from the root from which the words ‘gold’ and ‘good’ came. This only goes to prove the fact that God is as good and pure as the gold. Philosophers were particular that this term referred to the instrumental cause of this universe, namely the Almighty, the omnipotent and the Supreme Absolute.

As a matter of fact the word ‘god’ is used to represent lesser beings as well like god of death, god of love, god of wealth and the like. In many instances you would find mythological beings too referred to by the word ‘god’.

The word ‘lord’ on the contrary has the other meaning namely ‘the one who rules over the others’. Hence this word can be applied to God or a human being for that matter. In short it can be said that any human being who has the ability to rule over others is called a Lord. For example a king of a kingdom is addressed as ‘lord’ by his ministers and subjects.

England too had lords who ruled over other jurisdictions. The usage ‘lord of Israel’ was coined by the Jews way back in 3rd century BC to refer to the ‘god of Israel’. In fact they used the term, ‘Adonai’ to be more precise. The word ‘Adonai’ means ‘lord’ in Hebrew. Probably this is the reason why the translators while translating the Old Testament used the word ‘lord’ wherever there was the use of the proper name of God in the Hebrew language.

The word ‘lord’ is used in other senses too. In some countries it is used to address the head of the judiciary or the judge. In the mythologies of a few countries it is used as a prefix of any god for that matter. Sometimes the word is used as a mere title too.


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