Difference Between God and Allah

God vs Allah

God and Allah are the solitary deity in the Christian and Islamic religion respectively. God and Allah are both considered the divine creator and the supreme ruler of the universe. These two have the most number of devotees, covering more than half of the earth’s population altogether.


Most Christians believe that God is with and within all things, or immanent, and that he is not affected nor altered by the forces in the universe, referred to as transcendent. God is believed by Trinitarians to be the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit all in one persona while nontrinitarians on the other hand believe that each of the three is different from one another.


The term Allah originated from an Arabic article and a word that translates to “the sole deity, God” in English. Allah was thought to have associates such as sons and daughters among pagan Arabs during the pre-Islamic times. But this was later changed into Allah being the sole deity by the Islamic religion. Allah has 99 names and each one suggests Allah’s distinct quality.

Difference between God and Allah

The Christian God exposes Himself to human beings who have trusted in Him through Jesus Christ, His only son. These human beings may enjoy a personal relationship with God. On the other hand, Allah does not show Himself to any human being. The Christian God is merciful and forgives sinners while Allah has made no terms for sinners to reconcile with Him if they do not apologize. God is separated from sin while Allah is not. Allah is contented with sinners apologizing for their sins even if this is done repeatedly. While the Christian God, although forgives, wants the sinners to repent and not do the same mistake again.

Even though God and Allah are two different entities, a lot of people think they are the same and one persona. For people to know and understand God and Allah’s character, they need to read the holy book of each religion which is the Bible for Christianity and the Qur’an for Islam.

In brief:

• God reveals Himself to human beings while Allah does not.

• God forgives sinners and wants them to repent while Allah is satisfied with mere apologies.

  • Andrei Latyshau

    Allah is just a not translated word from Arabic language. It was definitely done by some bad translator who wanted to highlight the separatism. In fact, God and Allah are just the same. Like absolutely the same is Democracy (Greek) and Respublica (Latin).

    Today there is a huge mess of senses in English language. Maybe time to clean up your language?

    • Lee Sargeant

      If it were the same, the shahada would say either ‘there is no god but god…’ or ‘there is no allah but allah…’ but it doesn’t. Its words god=ilaha and allah is the name of their ‘god’ who has shown us is more comparable to Satan being a liar, proudful, and allows sins such as adultery (polygamy), pedophilia, murder (if one doesn’t worship it), rape (of who the moslem’s right hand owns), and idolatry (bowing, kissing, prancing around, and fondling a black stone), etc.

      If the word ‘allah’ was really a substitute for the word ‘god’, never once in the koran does it mention YHWH or Yahweh.

      • Chris Harper

        I’m a Christian myself but I am NOT and REFUSE to be one of those “holier than thou” finger pointing, my religion is superior and yours is garbage” Christians. 1. Three major religions are traced back to ONE man, ABRAHAM. If God “hated” Islam he could have “nipped it in the bud” by allowing Ishmael to die in the desert. He DIDN’T. 2 As Christians ARE supposed to follow Jesus, we ARE supposed to disagree with others who are of another faith that is not Christian. BUT we are to be RESPECTFUL and with LOVE. 3. You CANNOT preach about the so-called “savagery” of Islam/Muslims because in this day “instant info” it VERY easy to find “Christian” atrocities. Learn about what the “noble” Christian knights did during the crusades. They slaughtered Muslims, Jews and Christian alike. While Saladin (who I’m not saying was a saint ) at times showed mercy. What about the Inquisition? What about the Salem (and others) witch trials? What about the Spanish and the Portuguese in the so-called “New World”? To the Incas and Aztecs they were ISIS and Al-Qa’ida. White slave owners claimed to be “Christian”. The Klan and Aryan Nations claim “Christianity”, etc. See what statements like that open you up to?

  • Christina Dourzi

    Allah is the Arabic word for God. Simple. No room for debate

    • Boatswas

      Eh … not so much. And, plenty of room for debate.

  • madgrandma

    GOD disagrees… He would know.

  • Boatswas

    “God” is a title, not a name. YHWH is what we were given as His name, since the vowels were not included. In some texts, “hallelujah” was juxtaposed within YHWH as further written praise, and was mistranslated to “Jehovah”. YHWH, which we pronounce “Yahweh”, is the name of our God.

    Anything that you spend a certain amount of time around, on a regular basis, is a god – and you’re being religious in your observing that god. YHWH doesn’t say not to have those hobbies or pleasures, but the first commandment is to place none above Him – “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”