Difference Between Goggles and Glasses

Goggles vs Glasses

Many of us wear glasses to help us in seeing the world around us in a better manner as we have a poor vision. There are many other words for equipment worn on eyes such as goggles, sunglasses, spectacles, specs, etc. that are used by people. While some of these gears are to protect eyes from debris or other flying objects, others are to help us see in a better manner. We tend to refer to sunglasses as goggles while those that are worn to improve our vision are called eyeglasses. There is still confusion in the minds of some people regarding differences between goggles and glasses. This article attempts to find out these differences.


Man has been making use of lenses made of glass, to improve vision and to see the world in a clear manner when there is a problem with his vision. Glasses or eyeglasses are mostly to help people with poor vision to see their world more clearly or to help such people read in a better manner. It is better to refer to glasses worn to help people see better as corrective eyeglasses.


Goggles are eyewear that is used to protect our eyes from injury from particles, dust, water, or sun’s rays. There are many different types of goggles or glasses used for different purposes such as swimming goggles, sunglasses, snow goggles, and goggles that are designed to prevent injury while working with chemicals or power tools. People living in hot weather conditions have to protect their eyes from the glare of sun’s light when they are working outdoors. Thus, they wear goggles solely to reduce the glare in their eyes when moving out. Scientists working with dangerous chemicals in laboratories need to wear goggles to prevent injury to their eyes from these chemicals striking their eyes accidentally. Swimming goggles are larger in size than most other eyewear as they have to prevent water from reaching eyes. They also have a headband instead of a frame as they have to be kept over eyes while the swimmer is making all the motion while swimming.

Goggles vs Glasses

• While people use the terms glasses and goggles interchangeably, there are differences in design and purpose of both types of eyewear.

• Glasses or eye glasses are mostly worn to help people with a poor vision to see their world in a better manner or to make them read better.

• Glasses have corrective lenses, whereas goggles have normal glasses.

• Goggles are worn to protect eyes from injury from debris, water, sun’s glare, snow, or other particles.

• Goggles come in a variety of shapes and sizes to help in eye protection.

• Goggles are also sometimes referred to as safety glasses as they work to save eyes from accident while working with hazardous chemicals or while working with power tools.

• Goggles are more for safety, whereas glasses are more for improving vision.