Difference Between Golden Retriever and Yellow Lab

Golden Retriever vs Yellow Lab

These are very highly popular among people due to their serious affection. The versatility of these dogs has been the main reason for the serious popularity among people, which had been influenced with their high intelligence. There are some notable and interesting differences between golden retrievers and yellow labs, despite the fact that sometimes these are erratically identified as two types of the same breed. The size and the temperaments of these dogs do not vary between them, but the appearance and other characteristics would be important to consider.

Golden Retriever

Golden retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world that has been originated in Scotland. Their main job in the olden days was to retrieve the hunted game birds after the shooting, and they have done it quite well that gave a part of their name. The golden fur coat was the main reason to refer them as golden retrievers.

Golden retrievers are medium sized dogs with the purebred adult males are tall about 58 – 61 centimetres while females are 55 – 57 centimetres at withers. Their standard weights should be measured between 29 – 32 kilograms for males and 27 – 32 kilograms for females. The fur coat is either straight or slightly wavy, but the colouration has to be a shade of gold or cream colour without other patterning. These basic breed standards are highly specific for the golden retrievers.

Golden retriever’s friendliness and eagerness to please the companion have made them very affectionate dogs. Indeed, the golden retriever ranks among the top ten for the most popular dog breeds in the United States and United Kingdom. They can be trained to assist the deaf people for the hearing, to guide the blind, to hunt the targets, and to detect illegal drugs. Additionally, the golden retrievers have proven themselves very valuable for search and rescue purposes.

Yellow Lab

Yellow lab, aka the yellow labrador (originated in Canada) retriever, is the most popular dog in the world according to the number of registrations. Their popularity among people has taken this breed to the top of the rankings since 1991. Yellow lab is one of the three colour variations of the Labrador retriever breed; the other two are solid black and chocolate brown.

The colouration of the yellow lab is a shading of the yellow or pale cream colour on the fur coat. Their coat is smooth, short, dense, and straight; the wiry coats are not credited as purebreds. The purebred yellow labs should measure between 56 – 63 centimetres and 54 – 60 centimetres for males and females respectively. The bodyweight of a male should not exceed 40 kilograms and the heaviest female should not be weighing over 35 kilograms; however, none of them should be weighing less than 27 kilograms as per the breed standards. Their eyebrows are pronounced in the broad head. The lining of the eyes is always black and the ears hand down above eyes.

Yellow labs have a great sense of smell that makes them excellent trackers. However, the love and affection of these dogs about humans is mainly due to the high intelligence with kind and pleasant nature. These highly outgoing dogs can live about 10 – 12 years in average, but there are long-lived yellow labs, as well.

Golden Retriever vs Yellow Labrador

• Yellow labs always have a yellowish or pale cream colour coat, whereas golden retriever has a golden shade in their coat.

• The coat is long in the golden retriever while it is short in yellow labs.

• Golden retriever has its ancestors in Scotland, while yellow labs were originated in Canada.

• The broad head is sharp and has a pronounced stop in yellow labs while golden retriever has a slightly roundish head with short fur.

• The ears are slightly longer in the golden retriever than in yellow labs.