Difference Between Golf and Polo

Golf vs Polo

To someone not aware of the fact that these are names of car models made by German auto giant Volkswagen, the title of this article might look absurd because polo is a royal sport played on elephants while golf is the most popular ball game after soccer around the world. There are many similarities in the two car models presented by Volkswagen making it difficult for an enthusiast to choose between the two. This article attempts to highlight these differences. The important thing to keep in mind is the fact that the company is discontinuing Golf 6 and introducing Golf 7 soon. So this is going to be a comparison between Golf 6 and Polo 6.


Golf is a very popular family car made by automobile giant Volkswagen. Introduced for the first time way back in 1974, this C segment small car has been used by many generations and in different countries; it has even assumed different names. Golf can be termed as a bigger sibling of Polo. Golf has large interiors, and it is a kind of car that one is comfortable with inside the city in tough riding conditions as well as during a trip outside the city. Though one gets same engine capacity as Polo, it is possible to go for a higher priced version if one is interested in a more powerful car. Golf has large space inside and is very comfortable.


At first glance, Polo looks like a miniature Golf. In fact, it has the same interiors and similar upholstery, but everything seems to be on a scale smaller than that of Golf. Small size of Polo attracts those who have small families and also live in congested cities where parking becomes a big problem with large cars. Polo has an engine that does not provide as much power as Golf but is enough to maneuver the car at all speeds easily.

Golf vs Polo

• Polo looks very similar to Golf but smaller in size and offers lesser interior space.

• Golf is more expensive than Polo.

• Parking Polo may be easier in congested cities while larger families prefer more spacious Golf.

• Golf is more powerful and also faster than Polo.

• For a small family, Polo might be the ideal car.

• For those who want to take trips outside the city, Golf might be a better option.