Difference Between Google Plus + and Facebook

Google plus +  vs Facebook | Google Plus Features Compared

There can be no two ways to describe Facebook as a social networking site. It is not just number one; it is way ahead of rest of the networking sites on the web. Launched just 6 years ago by Marc Zuckenberg, Facebook today has more than 500 million members that make it very powerful social platform that its members are suing to communicate with others. Google, the search engine giant, has just unveiled its ambitious Google+ that promises much to those who are on the lookout for an alternative to Facebook. Google+ is in its experimental stage at present but has many new features that have the potential to make it numero uno in the field of social networking sites. Let us make a quick comparison of Google+ and Facebook to find out their differences.

Google is a behemoth involved with many business activities. For all internet surfers, it is something that is indispensable as it is the largest search engine that takes a surfer to what he is looking for on the web. Google’s messenger, Gtalk, and Gmail are also at the top in their respective fields. Google is also earning handsomely through its ad services. But somehow Google has been trying to dabble in the social world. Its last attempt, Google Buzz, fell flat on its face. This time, Google has come out with Google+ after much deliberation and innovative features to lure more and more customers on a brand new social platform. Google is trying to garner space in the lucrative social field which is currently dominated by Facebook.

Google sure has learnt its lessons well after burning its hands with Google Buzz. There are some exciting features incorporated in Google+ like Circles, Sparks, hangouts, and Mobile. But more than these features are the high expectations that people already have with Google+ as it makes available a new platform to connect with their dear ones.

To begin with, the home page has all the content that users of Facebook are now familiar with like updates from friends and their posts, links, photos, videos and other location and event updates. With Circles, Google has tried to set itself apart from Facebook. While your information that you post is shared immediately by default by all those who are in your list on Facebook, Circles, allows one to choose people he wants to share information with. It is clear that what you would like to share with special friends is not what you would tell to your boss or mother. In fact, user can make groups for sharing information such as parents, close friends, casual acquaintances, and so on.

With an instant upload feature, one can easily upload pictures that he is taking with his camera (of course when he so wishes). This is in sharp contrast with Facebook where uploading of photos and videos takes an eternity and members get bored. The slogan “share just the right things with just the right people” says it all. “Hangouts” is a new feature that allows you to disclose your location to chosen friends and then wait to see who drops by to join the fun.

Sparks is the feature that allows you to post your likes and dislikes and the app automatically sends you latest and exciting news and offers on your likes. It could be on music, books, fashion or a category made by you. Huddle is another feature that allows users to chat instantly with many friends at the same time unlike windows that are created in Facebook chat. All friends drop down to a single chat and you feel you are in the midst of your friends. Unlike Facebook, you do not jump from one window to another or reply wrongly to your friends.

Difference Between Google+ and Facebook

• Google+ is the latest effort by Google to garner a chunk of space in the social networking platform which is currently dominated by Facebook

• Facebook has an estimated 500 million members whereas Google+ is only in its experimental stage

• Google+ has some new, innovative features like Circles, Sparks, and hangouts that are absent in Facebook

• Photo upload in Google+ is instant as against a time consuming process in Facebook

• Only time will tell if Google+ can take on the might of Facebook but it certainly has attractive features to lure potential members