Difference Between Governor and President

Governor vs President

The polity in the US is based upon the principle of federalism where the head of the state and executive is the President whereas the states which together make up the federation are headed by Governors. So the head of the republic of fifty states, that is the US of America, is the President. There are a lot of differences between the President and Governors of states that will be discussed in this article.


The President, it is who is the executive head of the nation. He along with the Vice President is elected through an electoral college in which every state has a number of seats proportional to its representation in the congress that comprises both the House of Representatives and the Senate. The President is elected for a term of four years and a President can serve maximum two terms. The President is not only the head of the state and the government; he is also the commander in chief of the armed forces. The President has the power to either pass the legislations approved by the Congress into laws or veto them to reject them. The President cannot dissolve the Congress, but has the power to enact executive orders. He also appoints judges to the Supreme Court in consent with the senate.


Governor is the executive head of his state (there are 50 Governors at present). In the constitution of the country, the states are not provinces but semi-autonomous entities that have the powers not automatically granted to the federal government. This means that states are not subordinates to the federation but have enough powers in themselves. Each state has its own laws and the Governor it is who looks after internal governance of every state. He is the person who finalizes the budget of the state and also has the power to appoint judges in the courts. Governor is elected directly by the people of the state on the principle of adult suffrage and serves a four year term.

In brief:

• US is a federation of states that are semi autonomous

• President is the executive head of the government whereas Governor is the executive head of his state.

• Governor exercises all those powers that are not retained by the federal government in the constitution.