Difference Between Grizzly and Black Bear

Grizzly vs Black Bear

Both grizzly bear and black bear are important animals, and it would be easily possible to confuse these two in identifying. Grizzly bear lives in North America, but there are two black bears known as Asian and North American black bears. This article discusses the characteristics of the North American black bear, as Grizzly is also ranging in the same geographical region and it is possible to confuse those two.

Grizzly Bear

Grizzly bear is also known as North American brown bear or silvertip bear. Grizzly is a sub species of the brown bear that lives in uplands of North America. An adult male is about 180 to 360 kilograms in weight and a female have about 130 to 200 kilograms of weight. The average body length of a Grizzly is about 198 centimetres and the height to the shoulders averages around 102 centimetres. Grizzly bear has a typical brown coloured fur with white tips. One of the better distinguishing features of them is the pronounced hump on the Grizzly’s shoulders. The face is dished shape, and there is a clear depression between eyes and the end of the nose. Their males are highly territorial, and they maintain large territories that are ranging up to 4,000 square kilometres. They are omnivorous animals and usually they are solitary and active animals. Their reproductive rates are slow and a female produces a litter that varies from one to four offspring in every other year.

Black Bear

American black bear is a medium sized animal, which is native to North America. It is one of most common bears in the region. Black bear has a characteristic roman face profile. They have a broad skull, a narrow muzzle, and large jaw hinges. Their females have more slender and pointed face compared to males. An adult male has a weight ranging from 57 to 250 kilograms, and that of females is from 41 to 110 kilograms. In addition, the body length varies from 120 to 200 centimetres and their height at the shoulders range from 70 to 105 centimetres. They have large and round shaped ears. The fur of black bear comprises soft and dense underfur with long and thick guard hairs. Black bear is a highly territorial animal, and they have excellent eyesight. They are very strong and excellent swimmers, so that they can feed on fish, as well. They are omnivorous animals, and their diet depends on the season and the location.

What is the difference between Grizzly Bear and Black Bear?

• Grizzly bears are brown coloured, but black bear could range from black to blonde in their colours.

• Grizzlies are larger and heavier compared to black bears.

• Grizzly bear has a distinct hump, but it is not present in black bears.

• Grizzly has a dished shape face, but black bear has a roman profiled face.

• Grizzly has long claws, but black bears have short claws.