Difference Between Gucci Guilty and Intense

Gucci Guilty vs Gucci Guilty Intense

The name Gucci needs no introduction in the world of fashion and accessories for both men and women. In fact, the label of Gucci is a guarantee of high quality and a symbol of status. Gucci has been making fragrances for men and women for quite some time. Two of its perfumes called Gucci Guilty and Gucci Guilty intense are very popular among the people though they also confuse buyers because of their similarities in names and fragrance. Many buyers even feel that the two are the same. However, there are differences between the two products that will be highlighted in this article.

Gucci Guilty

The house of Gucci launched Gucci Guilty in the fall of 2010. It was a product that was introduced with much fanfare as there were full page ads in fashion magazines, a TV advertisement, roping in of a movie star for endorsement, and sponsoring of media events. The perfume was introduced as the fragrance for the beautiful and sexy ladies who live life in the fast lane and are sexy and vivacious. The product arrives in a black carton, but the bottle looks like an oversized belt buckle being golden in color and having the legendary Gucci log of two G’s that are interlocked. The container looks mesmerizing and is worth buying for it alone.

As far as fragrance is concerned, it has been described as floriental, which is an indicative of the essence of flowers of the east. However, opening the bottle sends a fruity rather than floral fragrance to the mind. The fragrance gives a sense of power, a feeling of being able to attain what the user wants in her life. The floral fragrance is capped with a burst of citrus smell with a pinch of pepper. However, within a few seconds, the fragrance becomes truly floral that seems to be mixed with a fruity aroma. The overall effect of the fragrance is that of a kind of sexuality and sensuality that is the hallmark of Gucci fragrances. This Eau de Toilette is available in 30, 50, and 75 ml packing.

Gucci Guilty Intense

Gucci Guilty Intense is a new fragrance from the house of Gucci that was launched in the fall of 2011. The new product is Eau de Perfume instead of Eau de Toilette that the original Guilty was. However, it retains the oriental floral aroma of the original Guilty. It is hard for the buyers to make a difference as the bottle looks almost the same as the original Guilty packing. Look closely and you notice the subtle difference that the inside of the two interlocking G’s is black here instead of the golden color in the original Guilty.

As far as fragrance is concerned, it is very arresting and feels similar to the original Guilty though many feel that it is much more powerful and intense than the original Guilty. Guilty Intense is also available as Pour Homme for men.

Gucci Guilty vs Intense

• Gucci Guilty is Eau de Toilette whereas Gucci Guilty Intense is Eau de Perfume.

• Gucci Guilty was launched in the fall of 2010, whereas Gucci Guilty Intense was introduced in 2011.

• Guilty Intense is more powerful and intense than Guilty though it retains the same magical oriental aroma that is floral in essence and very arresting.

• Intense lasts longer than Guilty.