Difference Between Gujarati and Marwadi

Gujarati vs Marwadi

Gujarati and Marwadi are communities that are known all across Indian and even abroad for being hardworking and true to their words. Guajarati’s belong to the state of Gujarat while marwadis come from Marwad, a place in Rajasthan, a northern state in India. Gujarati and Marwadi are also the names of the languages spoken and written by these people. Though it is difficult to compare communities belonging to two extremes of India, it is a fact these are the two communities that are found abroad more than other communities from India. It is only natural for westerners to be amazed by success stories of these two communities. This article will try to differentiate between Guajarati’s and Marwadis.

Let us talk a little about the two languages. Marwadi language belongs to Indo Aryan group of languages and has many variations depending upon the region where the person comes from. It is a dying language though because of the mobility of Marwadi’s and their absorption in to the mainstream. Gujarati, on the other hand is a flourishing language despite Gujarati’s being a community that likes to migrate. Gujarati, surprisingly also belongs to the Indo Aryan group of languages. But is has survived mainly because Gujarati’s converse in it and take pride in their traditions. At present, there are around 50 million Gujarati speakers worldwide making it one of the most spoken native languages of the world. Gujarati language is also flourishing because of great literary works in the language.

As told earlier, Gujarati’s and marwadis are admired by other people because they are straight forward, honest, and very laborious. The make very successful businessmen and this is why you would find members of these two communities doing successful business even in western countries. Historically, more Gujarati’s than Marwadis have focused on education and this is reflected in the higher number of Gujarati students going abroad for higher studies.

In brief:

• Gujarati and Marwadi are two different communities and also two very popular languages from the western and northern parts of the country.

• While Gujarati language is thriving and flourishing with great literary works, Marwadi is a dying language.

• Both Gujarati’s and marwadis have a strong presence in western countries. Both make great businessmen.

• Gujarati’s have excelled in studies, which is reflected in a very high number of Gujarati students going abroad for higher studies.

  • Vijay Gupta

    Marwari language is thriving in rural areas. So not judge by Jaipur and other big cities which have a lot of migrants.

    Marwaris/Rajasthanis are more proud of their music and dance than of their business communities.