Difference Between Guts and Balls

Guts vs Balls

There are some words in English language that are ambiguous in nature and have different meanings. These words adapt to various situations and can be seen used in different contexts. Two such words with much overlap and similarities are guts and balls that are used mostly as slang terms. Both refer to male anatomy as well as nerves. There are many who feel that the two words are synonymous and thus interchangeable. Let us find out if there are any differences between guts and balls.


Gut is an alimentary canal or tube that is used by humans as well as many other animals to dispose of food and other waste material. However, in common parlance, guts has come to be used as slang for nerve or determination. Take a look at the following examples.

• He does not have the guts to speak out in front of his boss

• One needs guts to live in subzero temperatures

• A footballer requires guts to slug out with others in Premier League

• One has to work his guts out to complete a medical degree


Testicles of a man are referred to as balls by men when talking about their sexual prowess. Balls is a word used to refer to a man’s virility, but in real life, balls means inner courage or the bravado a man shows in adversity or tough situations in life. The word is a noun when used to refer to the male anatomy but becomes an adjective when used for a situation, object, or a person. It is derogatory when used as an adjective. Balls is also used as an adverb when someone means to say very or extremely as in balls cold or balls tired.

What is the difference between Guts and Balls?

• Both guts and balls are parts of the male anatomy, but whereas guts is an alimentary canal leading to anus, balls refer to testicles of a man.

• However, in common parlance, both guts and balls have come to be used as slang terms for courage and determination.

• Balls is also used as adjective and adverb.

• Balls is used by men to express their sexual prowess.