Difference Between Habit and Addiction

Habit vs Addiction

Habit and addiction, although they sound similar have few differences between them. A habit relates to psychology whereas addiction arises from habit. In other words it can be said that a habit according to its definition is an acquired pattern of behavior that often occurs automatically.

Addiction on the other hand is a chronic relapsing brain disease. Addiction is said to alter the brain because of the repeated performance of any action. Addiction affects decision-making, learning and memory and behavior control too.

A habit on the other hand is an automatic response to have been doing something for long. You tend to do something the same way all the time. Addiction is the repeated performance of an act without which you would find life hard to live.

A habit is the resultant of mental action whereas addiction affects mental stability. The regular intake of drugs is a kind of addiction that affects your mental stability. Your mind cannot be stable if you stop taking drugs. Addiction is dangerous whereas a habit is not dangerous for that matter.

One of the major differences between habit and addiction is that an addiction is damaging and destructive in nature whereas a habit cannot be damaging and destructive in nature. You need to have the counseling of a psychiatrist to get over addiction whereas you need not consult any psychiatrist to get over a particular habit. All you have to do to change your habit is regular practice.

Habits come from various factors including people we meet from, the experiences that we have encountered in life and the numerous decisions we have made in our life. Addictions come from repetition of certain actions. Habits die hard whereas a few addictions cause death. A psychologist treats habits whereas we need the help of a certified psychiatrist from a hospital to treat addictions.

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