Difference Between Half-and-Half and Heavy Cream

Half-and-Half vs Heavy Cream

Cream is one dairy product that is very versatile as it is used in many confectionary items, as well as desserts. It is that part of milk that has a higher fat content but rises up to the surface of the container in which fresh milk is kept as it is less dense. It is separated from the milk using mixers and other centrifuges. There are many different names used for creams available in the market depending upon the fat content. Two such creams available in stores are Half and Half and Heavy Cream.

Half and Half

Half and Half is a phrase used for a quality of cream that has the lowest fat content. The reason why it is called Half and Half is because it is half cream and half milk. This means that it is not pure cream but a mixture of milk and cream. The fat content in Half and Half varies from 10% to 18% and it can be easily poured like a liquid. It is mainly used as a topping over coffee. It is not possible to whip Half and Half because of lower fat content.

Heavy Cream

As the name implies, heavy cream contains a lot more fat content and has a thicker consistency. It is also referred to as heavy whipping cream that can be easily whipped to double its volume. It can be used for filling inside pastries and also for decoration of confectionery items like cakes and pastries. The fat content in heavy cream varies from 36-40%.

What is the difference between Half-and-Half and Heavy Cream?

• Half and Half is less creamy than heavy cream because of much lower fat content.

• Half and Half is almost like a thick liquid used over coffee and other hot beverages, whereas heavy cream is thick and holds its form.

• Heavy cream is used for filling pastries and for decoration of pastries.

• Heavy cream has a fat content of 36-40%, whereas Half and Half has just 10-18% of fat content.

• Half and Half is so called because it is half milk and half cream.

• Half and Half cannot be whipped whereas heavy cream can be easily whipped to double its volume.

• Though heavy cream is smoother and richer, it is also very fatty and, therefore, unhealthy

• Half and Half can be substituted for heavy cream in many recipes, to make for a healthier recipe.