Difference Between Hamilton and Jefferson

Hamilton vs Jefferson | Thomas Jefferson vs Alexander Hamilton

Hamilton and Jefferson were popular members of the society in the period after the revolution. They both showed difference between them, when it comes to their thoughts and ideas. Although both believed firmly in liberty and independence, they had their own ideas, which they could never compromise.

Alexander Hamilton was the first secretary of the Treasury. He tried to modernize the nation by making use of federal power. He did his best to pass the laws that Jefferson opposed. Hamilton tried to do it by convincing Congress.

State debts were assumed by the federal power due to the enormous work of Hamilton. On the other hand, Thomas Jefferson federal power and hence he is dubbed as an anti-federalist. It is interesting to note that Alexander Hamilton started the Federalist Party.

National bank was created by the efforts of Hamilton, and this was criticized by Jefferson. A system of taxes through a tariff on imports was the chief point that Hamilton insisted. On the other hand, Jefferson’s philosophy differed in the sense that it was more inclined towards the weak central government.

Constitution was interpreted in a strong manner by Thomas Jefferson. His philosophy was to take the words of the constitution at face value. On the other hand, Hamilton’s philosophy did not believe in the face value concept of looking at the constitution. Jefferson said that most of the power stayed with the states. At the same time, the philosophy of Jefferson insisted that the power of the federal government should be restrained and limited by all means.

On the other hand, Hamilton attacked the theory of Jefferson when it comes to the limitation of the powers of the federal government. According to the philosophy of Hamilton, more and more powers should be given to the federal government.