Difference Between Happiness and Peace

Key Difference – Happiness vs Peace


Happiness and Peace are two words that can often be very confusing regarding the individual although there is a key difference between these two words. Simply, happiness is a state of contentment that is often conditional and subjected to change. On the other hand, Peace is a state of inner calm that the individual achieves which is not subjected to change. This is the key difference between the two words. Through this article let us examine the differences between happiness and peace in detail.

What is Happiness?

Happiness refers to feelings of pleasure. In the modern world, people are forever seeking happiness. Some attempt to acquire material wealth to gain happiness while others pursue much more intangible sources such as love to be happy. We often feel happy when we achieve something. For instance, imagine a student faces a difficult examination but manages to pass it with flying colors. In such a situation, the person is overwhelmed by happiness. This highlights that in most situations happiness is something external to the individual that he is able to achieve. It is mostly subjected to our situation or circumstances in life.

Let us observe another example. A person who has a good job, a wonderful relationship is prone to be happy because of the conditions in his life. Imagine this particular individual loses either his job or else the relationship. There will definitely be a drawback in his life which will result in a decrease in happiness. This is why most people believe that happiness is more of a temporary state or emotion that is often subjected to change quite easily.

Difference Between Happiness and Peace

What is Peace?

Peace can be simply understood as tranquility or a state of calmness. We often use the word peace to speak of liberation from rules and regulations, situations of war and terror, etc. With the reference to a state or society, peace refers to a period of time where there is no war or terror.

When speaking of the individual the word peace gains a completely different meaning. It is used to speak about a state of being of the individual. One of the most popular claims is that in the search for happiness most people ignore or fail to realize the value of peace to the individual self. According to religious leaders, inner peace or peace of mind is something essential for well being. It allows the person to be undisturbed by the trivialities of our everyday life and not be tormented by the failures, suffering and pain in life. Also, it is believed that by developing to sustain the peace within the individual, it allows him to maintain a state of contentment throughout life.

Key Difference - Happiness vs Peace

What is the difference between Happiness and Peace?

Definitions of Happiness and Peace:

Happiness: Happiness refers to feelings of pleasure.

Peace: Peace can be simply understood as tranquility or a state of calmness.

Characteristics of Happiness and Peace:


Happiness: Happiness is an emotion.

Peace: Peace is a state of being.


Happiness: Happiness is never permanent, it is always temporary.

Peace: Peace is permanent.


Happiness: Happiness is mostly depending on the situation due to material gain.

Peace: Peace is something that comes from within the individual.


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