Difference Between Healing and Curing

Healing vs Curing

Healing and Curing are two words that are often confused as words that covey the same meaning. Actually, they are not so. There is some difference between the two words. One of the primary differences between healing and curing is that, healing is all about the spirit, whereas curing is everything about physical. In other words, healing involves the spirit, whereas curing is totally physical in essence.

Curing is always single in solution. One medicine is directed towards one cure. On the other hand, healing is multi-faceted in nature. Healing aims towards health in the long run. On the other hand, curing aims at better health for the moment or in a temporary manner. This is another important difference between healing and curing.

Increased wellness is the key in the case of healing. On the other hand, temporary wellness is the goal of curing. In other words, complete curing results in healing. If you say that a patient is completely cured of a certain disease, then it means that the process of healing took place.

Healing works well on chronic diseases. On the other hand, curing does not work well with chronic diseases. For example, asthma is a chronic disease. In most asthma cases, curing has no great impact on the patient. On the other hand, healing has a multi-faceted impact on the patient. The patient would begin to have a great relief in the long run, if he or she is subjected to a process like natural healing or any other type of healing for asthma.

To bring out a clear cut difference between healing and curing, you can say that healing is a process, whereas curing is a state. In other words, curing is a state of getting well from a disease. On the other hand, healing is a process of getting well in the longer run. It is also important to note that healing involves natural processes, whereas curing involves purely medical processes.

Healing has a lot to do with nature and its ingredients. On the other hand, curing has not much to do with nature and its ingredients. In fact, it is all about using medicines to get cured or relieved of a disease or an ailment. Healing is the better answer for ailments, whereas curing is the better answer for diseases. This is another important observation to make when it comes to the difference between curing and healing.