Difference Between Heavy Cream and Thickened Cream

Heavy Cream (Heavy Whipping Cream) vs Thickened Cream

Cream is a product obtained from fresh milk. It contains a higher fat content than the rest of the milk and, therefore, gravitates to the top of the surface of the container in which milk is kept. It can be easily skimmed out of the container by churning milk in a centrifuge. However, all cream is not the same as is clear from the cream products available in the markets, in different countries. Different names are used for cream, to indicate different qualities making it confusing for common people. Two such names are Heavy Cream (Heavy Whipping Cream) and Thickened Cream that refer to very similar types of creams. This article attempts to find out the differences between these two types of creams.

Heavy Cream, Heavy Whipping Cream

Heavy Cream is a phrase that is used in North America, especially US, to refer to a cream quality that contains more than 36% of fat. This is a cream that whips well and doubles in volume. After whipping, this cream holds its shape, and this makes it easier for the cream to be used for the decoration of cakes. It is used inside pastries and for decoration of cakes and other confectionary items. It is also known as heavy whipping cream, to indicate the fact that it has not been whipped and can be whipped. Topping and piping with heavy cream are easy tasks.

Thickened Cream

Thickened Cream is a term used in Australia, to refer to a type of cream that is very close in quality to heavy cream. It contains around 35% of fat but has additional ingredients in the form of thickeners to help in maintaining the consistency of the cream. Thickened cream is mostly used in confectionary when the recipe calls for whipping or whipped cream. This cream is not restricted for use in cooking alone. The cream is thin enough to be poured off cartons. This is the reason why it is also called as pouring cream in some places. The purpose of thickeners like gum and gelatin is to make it easier for the cream to be whipped. These ingredients also ensure that the cream does not separate or curdle.

What is the difference between Heavy Cream (Heavy Whipping Cream) and Thickened Cream?

• Heavy cream, also known as heavy whipping cream, is a term used mostly in the US while thickened cream is a term used more often in Australia.

• The fat content is roughly the same in both thickened and heavy cream.

• Thickened cream contains additives and thickening agents such as vegetable gum and gelatin to allow the cream to be whipped and also to prevent it from separating.