Difference Between Heavy Cream and Whipping Cream

Heavy Cream vs Whipping Cream

Cream is a byproduct of milk that is high in fat content. In raw milk, it rises to the top of the surface of the milk when milk is churned in a mixer or even manually. There are many different qualities of creams available in the market with varying fat content. It is their nomenclature that often confuses buyers when they see products with similar contents being called Heavy Cream and Whipping Cream. However, there are differences between Heavy Cream and Whipping Cream that will be highlighted in this article, to enable readers to buy products according to their uses and requirements.

Heavy Cream

Heavy Cream is a phrase used commonly in the US to refer to a quality of cream being sold in the market that contains a high percentage of butterfat and has a thick consistency. Though the fat content may differ, in general, Heavy Creams available in the country have a fat content more than 36%. The reason why people confuse between heavy cream and whipping cream is because of the presence of heavy whipping cream in the market. There are people who call heavy cream as heavy whipping cream too. However, in general, all creams that have a fat content of 36-48% classify to be labeled as heavy creams. When heavy cream is whipped, it almost doubles up in size.

Whipping Cream

Whipping cream is a term used to refer to a cream with a high fat content that allows it to be whipped and double in its volume. It is an interesting name as what one gets after whipping it is whipped cream. The fat content of whipping cream is normally 36-40%. It is also to remind people not to whip lighter creams as no matter how long one may beat them; they will not obey and double up or increase in volume. Whipping cream is referred to as thickened cream in Australia. It contains some thickening agents also to allow it to whip up easily upon beating.

Heavy Cream vs Whipping Cream

• Heavy cream has a higher fat content (36-48%) than whipping cream (30-36%).

• There is also light whipping cream and heavy whipping cream depending upon fat content.

• Whipping cream is mainly used as topping and as filling in many desserts and dishes.

• Light whipping cream has 30% fat content, whereas heavy cream or heavy whipping cream has a fat content more than 36%

• In US, the nomenclature is light whipping cream and then heavy cream as the fat content in heavy cream is higher.

• In UK, it is whipping cream and then double cream.