Difference Between Heels and Stilettos

Heels vs Stilettos

Heel is the word used for the back of the foot of a human being. But it is also used for the back part of the shoes or any other footwear worn by people, particularly women. The world of women’s accessories becomes colorful and exciting with footwear having different kinds of heels. Heels are externally fitted parts to shoes and sandals that come in a variety of shapes and sizes (read heights). Stilettos happen to be heels that are very popular confusing many to think that they are synonymous with the word heels. However, stilettos and heels are not the same as a reader would discover after reading this article.


Heels are parts of shoes that are added to give a balance to them and also to help the person wearing them appear taller than he is. Heels are an integral part of most of the shoes available in the market whether for women or for men. High heels have been worn by men and women since ancient times. High heels are worn mostly to appear taller and to look more attractive. There is a wide range among high heels available in the market.

Pumps are the most popular high heel shoes worn by women. These shoes are strapless and have a closed toe. It is hard for a woman to live without her black pumps just like she cannot make do without her little black dress. However, many women prefer to wear platforms that add to the height without giving a severe angle to the foot as there is heel beneath the sole, as well as heel. So a platform would have a heel under the front part of the shoe as well as its back. There are also other types of heels such as a wedge, a spool, a clog, or even a cone.


If there is one high heel shoe that is both attractive as well as sexy, it is certainly the stiletto. The word comes from Italian dagger called stiletto and this dangerously thin and high heel shoe is very popular among celebrities and women who dare to be different and want to look sexy. The height of the heel in the case of stilettos varies from a mere one inch to as high as 10 inches, but one thing that remains common is the fact that the heels are very thin. Not all high heels can classify as stilettos as their chief characteristic is the thinness of the heels. Real stilettos have metal enforcement inside their heels, and they could be as slender as 5 mm.

What is the difference between Heels and Stilettos?

• Stilettos are just one type of high heels as there are many more such as platforms, edge, spool, and so on.

• Heels are known to mankind since ancient times, but stilettos came into existence in 1930’s so named after Italian stiletto daggers.

• Stilettos have a great sex appeal, and they have dangerously high and thin heels.

• Stilettos that are 5 cm or lesser are called kittens.