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Difference Between Herbivores and Carnivores

Herbivores vs Carnivores

Herbivores and carnivores refer to the way that organisms gain their energy and how they consume energy. Herbivores and carnivores refer to animals there are also omnivores too, which is a mix of them. It refers to what the organisms eat since this is the way that they gain energy. Though carnivore generally refers to an animal, there are carnivorous plants too.


Herbivores are animals that eat only plants. These can be leafy plants as well as fruits and seeds. They have different teeth, since they need to eat plants. Their teeth are broad and flat with dull edges so that they can grind up the plants easily and eat them completely. They also have blunt and flat hooves that they use to travel on squishy terrain.


Carnivores are animals that eat only meat. They hunt down other animals and eat their flesh and their whole bodies, sometimes including the bones. They have very sharp teeth which they use to tear through skin and meat so that they can eat their prey. They also have very sharp claws, since this helps them latch on to their prey and also it helps them take the carcasses apart.

There are some carnivorous plants too, they are known as insectivorous plants and they eat insect. One such plant is Venus flytrap.

Difference between Herbivores and Carnivores

Herbivores and carnivores are quite different, but they both refer to animals and what they eat in order to create energy and to live. Herbivores only eat plants, so they usually don’t have to be fast and agile, so they are usually slower creatures, unless they have predators to run from. Carnivores, on the other hand, have to be very fast in order to catch their prey, and they have to be deadly so they can kill and eat them. Both have their own ways of getting food, and both are equally important in the food chain.

Herbivores and carnivores are important creatures in the world to maintain balance in nature. We could not do with one without the other.

It’s interesting to know that some people in informal circles used to refer an aggressively ambitious person as carnivore.

In brief:

• Herbivores eat plants while Carnivores eat flesh

• Herbivores and carnivores have different body structures due to their different needs


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