Difference Between High heels and Pumps

High heels vs Pumps

High heels and pump shoes are two different styles of footwear worn by people on different occasions . Shoes come in different shapes and styles. Gone are the days when shoes were worn for only comfort and protection of toes and feet. Changing fashion has always dictated types of shoes in vogue for both women and men. High heels and pumps are two styles of shoes worn on different occasions. High heels, as the name implies, have a high pointed heel that raises the heel of the wearer significantly higher than the toes. This heel is generally 2 inches or more to be classified as high heels or else it comes in the platform category. High heels make legs of the wearer long and slender, and also more toned.

There are many types of high heels available in the market and pumps are one of the high heels varieties of shoes. The reason they are called pumps is because they are closed toe shoes. The shoe goes upwards on sides of the foot and is usually without buckles. It is more formal in nature and suitable for wearing in offices by girls and ladies. It is easier to take off and put on again in comparison to high heels with buckles. In simple words, pumps are closed toe, closed heel shoes without laces and buckles that have a high heel.

High heels are worn in parties by women with dresses that have frills and laces to look more attractive. Pumps are sober in comparison though today even pumps are available in lots of colors as opposed to only black pumps that were available earlier.

Even though it is a fact that high heels originated to let women walk above filthy streets, they soon caught the fancy of women all over the world and today they are an indispensable part of any woman’s closet. But it is a fact that wearing high heels is not too comfortable in offices with formal dresses and this has given rise to pumps that look more sober and formal and are also more comfortable.


1. High heels and pumps are two types of the modern footwear

2. Pumps are essentially a subset of high heels

3. While pumps are closed toe and closed heel type, high heels flaunt a high heel and also have buckles and laces